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1956 Approaching Kaitak

1956 Approaching Kaitak
Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Sunday, January 1, 1956


Similar view as shown here  Given the previoulsy posted Kwun Tong photo, this would indicate that the aircraft would have entered the harbour from the east via Lyemun before turning right to land at Kai Tak in the reverse direction.

The long runway that we now know of was being reclaimed in this photo. 


Hi moddsey. I say the photo you posted and used it as a reference for the identification of places. There is one thing I'm wondering on - where are the Green Island Cement Works? 

Regards, Klaus

Hi - Which photo or thread are you referring to? The Green Island Cement Works would be behind the hill and out of sight.

Hi - I referred to here. The cement works would be behind the hill, but I'm missing the usual smoke plumes.

Noted. Thanks.