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Hong Kong Central 1920's

Hong Kong Central 1920's
Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Thursday, January 1, 1925


A small correction - the building with the flag is the North Wing of the Hong Kong Hotel, burnt down in 1926. So this photo would be from the 1920s.

Regards, David

Not sure but looks like the blackened upper storeys of the Hotel can be seen. There are also marks on the ground at the junction. Perhaps the photo was taken after the fire.

I think that it's just a burning and dodging thing because if you look at the building on the right, you can see that the top floor is lighter than the one on the bottom, but yet beneath that floor, it's light. Burning and dodging is just a way photographers make certain areas brighter or darker than others.

Thank you for the explanation. Had a re-look of the photos of the HK Hotel fire. The second building (Exchange House) to the left of the HK Hotel was under construction and scaffolding at the time of the fire in 1926. So the scene is not from this period.