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1950s Kennedy Road

1950s Kennedy Road

Detail cropped from: https://gwulo.com/atom/11330

  • a - the Bowen Road aqueduct
  • b - 64 Kennedy Road
  • c, d, e - see comment below
Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Wednesday, January 1, 1958


c: 15 Kennedy Road (Woo Hay Tong Residence)

d: 15A Kennedy Road ( 15A is the annex block of 15 Kennedy Road)

I wish anyone (eg. the decendents of Woo hay tong) can tell me the purpose of 15A. Anyway, RAS has this picture of this building viewed from Kennedy Road) 

e. Tung Chi College (no. 6 Hau Fung Lane, later commonly known as No.15A Kennedy Road)


Thanks, I'll link in the extra Places.

I would pass by the Woo Hay Tong houses everyday going to and from school.  15A had an amah living in the building. It was a very small house.  My amah would stop and chat with their amah.  I must have been inside the Kennedy Road level but all my recollection is that it was very dim and small.  I suspect it was used to accommodate servants or for utility purposes.