Palace Theatre (Causeway Bay) 碧麗宮 Night View | Gwulo: Old Hong Kong

Palace Theatre (Causeway Bay) 碧麗宮 Night View

Palace Theatre (Causeway Bay) 碧麗宮 Night View




This one looks different to the two other photo of the Palace Theatre. I'm quite sure this one was taken on Jaffe Road, the others on Gloucester Road.

Greetings, and thank you Klaus for your interest.

I agree this night photo of the theatre was taken while on Jaffe Road looking to the north.  The unobstructed view of the sky farther up must be the sea, given Gloucester Road was at that time about the water's edge.  Also I agree the day photos were taken on Gloucester Road; they show the tall office building in the background and the residential building on the right, both of which are still there today.

About the two addresses, it must have been one impressive building to qualify for that.  Its facade changes from concrete at one end to plaster (?) at the other end, and the style too.  I am confident the photos show the same theatre as confirmed by the English and Chinese signs on the exterior.   Regards,  Peter