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Edith TOWNSEND [????-1985]

c.1985-12-31 (Month, Day are approximate)

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My aunt kept a diary on her journey back to Australia on the Indomitable after liberation in 1945. Very interesting reading, but as it was  all written in pencil it is now very faded. I have posted scans of the pages to: https://gwulo.com/node/47629

She returned to Hongkong after the war and eventually became Matron of the Matilda hospital.

I wish there was someone out there who remembers her, she was an amazing person  and nurse, but sadly died in 1985 with many untold stories of her life in Hongkong during the war. Suzie

Royal College of Nursing Register of Nurses 1943

Edith Townsend  Matilda Hospital Mount Kellett Hong Kong

Registered London 15 March 1927 York County Hospital 1924 - 1927

February 1936 Passenger List Liverpool to Hong Kong

Edith Townsend 32 nurse UK address 35 Scarcroft Hill York

Royal College of Nursing Register of Nurses 1946

35 Scarcroft Hill York

Passenger List Hong Kong to Liverpool 1953

Miss E Townsend age 49 hospital matron UK address in UK 35 Scarcroft Hill York


Do you have her birth year or place?

There was an Edith Townsend who travelled from Hong Kong to Southampton arriving 27 January 1960  who gave a date of birth 5 November 1911 and UK address 70 Oxford Street Oldham Lancashire but that birth date conflicts with Nursing Register dates.

Amazing you have the info. on Edith, yes she was  from Scarcroft Hill in York, and all the other info. is correct.  The only love in her life was killed on Boxing day in Hongkong ( actual year unknown ) for this reason when she stayed with us over Xmas she always had to get back to her own cottage by Boxing day lunch time.. her private time..

This information is not correct with Edith Townsend from York. She was working in Doncater Royal Infirmary in the late 50's . I'll find her birth /death papers but her birthday was def. not Nov. Will forward more details when I can. 

Many thanks.

I was interested when I noticed that Edith nursed at the Matilda Hospital. A member of my extended family died there in 1938 and it is possible that she met Edith. How sad that she wasn't able to marry the man she loved.

I'm sure they met....my difficulty with this period is I have so many photographs of  where Edith lived in Hongkong, her friends, pre war, and when she returned to the Matilde , but no names or dates...and she would never talk about it...thank you for getting in touch