1940-softball.jpeg | Gwulo: Old Hong Kong



This photo is from the small collection of photos of my father William Lewis Rapley.

On the back he has titled it '1940 Victorious Softball team'.

He has identified all the players who I suspect were probably like him, members of the Kowloon Cricket Club.

Back: G. Winch, H. Young, Francis Zimmern, Ernie Zimmern, Harold Porter (?), Archie Zimmern

Front: Bill Rapley, Donald Anderson, Duggie Hunt, Tommy Madar.

Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Sunday, December 1, 1940


UK Alled POW records

E Zimmern death 19 December 1941


My father is George Winch Back Left in the photograph. Any information you may have would be greatly appreciated. He is now deceased, but he mentioned the names of the others when I was young.

Regards George Winch