Boris Milenko and friends at Hong Kong_Studio_December 1940-030.jpg

Sat, 01/20/2018 - 13:09

Boris Milenko, who was living at Kowloon at the time, is at far right, with Nicholas Tonoff and Jim Volgin second and third from left, respectively. The other three people remain unknown.

Exact location also unknown, however, there is a huge banner behind them with the word "STUDIO". The day must have been fairly cold for Hong Kong - all wearing coats or jackets. The photo was printed at Kowloon in 1940/41.

Boris and Jim both joined the China Navigation Co in Hong Kong, January 1941, working as third engineer on several merchant navy steamships covering Chinese ports to the north and various ports to the south and west.

Both Boris and Nicholas graduated from Hong Kong University in 1939 with a B Sc (Eng), as electrical engineers.

Date picture taken
1 Dec 1940