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Street scene

Street scene

Any ideas where?

Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Friday, August 1, 1969


Hong Kong Stevedoring Co was at 13-15 Salisbury Road in 1949.
The Great Wall Trading Co was in Kowloon (somewhere) in 1982.
That doesn't really help.

Hi there,

I have a gut feeling that this photo was somewhere in Tsim Sha Tsui.  

Mucked around in Street view and found this.  The buildings are still there despite Street View is already a few years old,  That would be around #7 Hankow Road.  

I have to admit there seemed to be a bit off on the building by the left, but the windows looked very similar.


I support T's opinion that it is Hankow Road, simply from the look of the windows on the left, and also the position of the entrance of the building on the right. 


This is Hankow Road. Part of the building can be seen here The windows with the red borders were part of Lindy's Restaurant.

Thanks gentlemen, well spotted.

The photos from eternal1966 come from eBay adverts, so the photo Moddsey mentioned likely came from the same set of slides as the view at the top of the page:

1969 Peking Road
1969 Peking Road, by Eternal1966

It's common for the eBay sellers to break collections up and sell them a few at a time.