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HK 043.jpg

HK 043.jpg

Cheung Chau house 24

Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Wednesday, February 1, 1950


Thanks Scott, rare photos indeed. Is that #25 on the right of the photo?

Regards, David


I don't remember the number of the house just above # 24, but it would be logical that it be # 25. While we lived in 24, a missionary family named Decker lived in this other house.

Regards, Scott

Yes, I'm pretty sure that's right. Here's a map from the 1930s showing the two houses:

I've read that these houses on Cheung Chau were damaged during the war by people in search of building material (see I wonder if you heard any stories about that?

Any other memories of Cheung Chau life in the 1950s gratefully received!

Regards, David

In 1949-1950, I would say about half of the European homes on Cheung Chau were just shells. People appeared to be after steel rebar. Since the outside walls were pretty much stone and morter, these were left alone. Three of us "gwai lo" kids had a great time playing in the ruins. I returned to Hong Kong in 1972, 21 years later and these homes had either been rebuilt or torn down and replaced. I have attached another photo with my dad and two sisters at the cormer of house 24 and the background shows two homes that are empty shells.  Regards, Scott