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Bungalow of French Admiral

Bungalow of French Admiral

View in Hong-Kong - Bungalow of French Admiral in Foreground 

I am unsure of the location but I think Garden Road is in the foreground. Does anyone know who the French Admiral was?


After further research I have worked out that this photo is of the Wyndham Street/Arbuthnot Road area taken from junction of Ice House Street/Lower Albert Road, roughly where the FCC is today. 

The following building can be seen:

Dent's Bungalow in the lower right with the gatehouse/stab/es/servants quarters lower left. This is the only photo of Dents Bungalow I have seen as the area was redeveloped in the early 1860's. (There are paintings) In the foreground Wyndham Street is seen crossing bottom left. 

Top left is a building on the north side of Arbuthnot Road which appears in an 1846 painting. to the right of this building is a house on Caine Road. The two similar buildings on the skyline top centre/right are what I have called No. 5 and No. 8 Chancery lane.   Centre right hand side is an unidentified building between Arbuthnot Road and Wyndham Street. possibly a government store or a stables. Just above this building a high wall can be seen which is the boundary wall of Victoria Prison that runs along Chancery Lane


Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Thursday, March 1, 1860


Wikipedia says:

In 1860 Felice Beato left the partnership of Robertson & Beato, though Robertson retained use of the name until 1867. Beato was sent from India to photograph the Anglo-French military expedition to China in the Second Opium War. He arrived in Hong Kong in March[18]

So maybe this bungalow was the temporary residence of the French Admiral of that expedition, while in Hong Kong?

Very possible. Any idea of location from the buildings shown? i thought perhaps the junction of Garden and Robinson road.

Hi There,

I wonder if the columns are actually the same ones.


Location is Wyndham Street/Arbuthnot Road.

The Pagoda shaped roofs is Dent's bungalow ?

1845 map - Detail of Dent's Bungalow and above
1945 map - Detail of Dent's Bungalow and above, by annelisec
1850 Green Bank
1850 Green Bank, by Admin