Dent's Bungalow - “Pagoda House” [1841-1861] | Gwulo: Old Hong Kong

Dent's Bungalow - “Pagoda House” [1841-1861]

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Demolished / No longer exists
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A Sailor's Life Under Four Sovereigns, Volume 2


Macao. Those princely merchants, Dent and Co., as well as Mathieson, kept open house. They lived in palaces. I had apartments at the Dents' bungalow at Hong Kong as well as rooms at Macao—passenger steamers running daily. On a late occasion the Chinese passengers had risen, took possession, murdered the Europeans. A ship's captain, Cleverly by name, as well as by nature, jumped overboard. He was badly wounded while swimming, but was picked up and had rooms at Dent's Macao house. I need not say that after this Chinese passengers were accommodated in an iron cage, where they enjoyed their opium.

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"Dent's Bungalow" was originally built by William Caine. Its dates should be 1841-1861.

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