wedding of K.K.Staple and Martha Jane Warbrick, 14.11.1927 | Gwulo: Old Hong Kong

wedding of K.K.Staple and Martha Jane Warbrick, 14.11.1927

wedding of K.K.Staple and Martha Jane Warbrick, 14.11.1927

wedding picture of my grandfather and grandmother (who called herself Joan) in St John's Cathedral. I wonder if anyone can tell me more about the other people apart from the the Rev.H/Copley Moyle, the Cathedral Chaplain.  A wedding report in the China Mail, says the bride was given away by a Mr A.G. Hewlett and attended by Misses M.A.Wilson plus E. Williams (?) as bridesmaids. Miss E.A.Girling was matron of honour and Mr A.J.Pilgrim, best man. The report also says Ken Staple worked for Pilgrim and Son, yet his funeral report said he was working for Palmer and Turner from 1925.  The only person I know anything of is Meg Wilson as she travelled to HK on same ship as Martha Staple and was later in Stanley.  She features in quite a few photographs now in my possession.      

Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Monday, November 14, 1927


I've made a page for Meg Wilson:

Try the Jurors Lists to look for where Ken Staple was working, see:

Also see the resources at:

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Thanks for all above help David. For various reasons, don't have a great income at the mo (otherwise would be on a plane for HK) but will do what I can re the financial request as your hard work most appreciated. 

Arthur George Hewlett (sometimes spelt Hewlitt) was an architect in Hong Kong. His name appeared on an application to purchase crown land in 1913, for which my grandfather, the architect Charles Warren, also tendered. Arthur George Hewlitt is listed in Tony Lam's article on Hong Kong architects 1841-1941 as an architect who arrived in Hong Kong in 1909 and who practised with Siu Ho Ming, authorised architect 1925-1941, to form Hewlitt and Siu from 1925-1935. (Is there a link to Tony's article on Gwulo?) A letter from "Mr Hewlett, the architect" is mentioned in a government report of a meeting dated 11 June 1923, which you can access. He is given in a Jurors List  (I think 1926) as living at 75 Mount View, Victoria Road, Pokfulam.


thanks Jill - what a fascinating completely new strand. Though my grandfather was described as an architect in the report of his death, I don't think he is on the list of authorised architects. As he was in the PWD until 1925, I'm guessing that by the time of his death he hadn' t achieved the requisite 8 years but nevertheless is given as having supervised construction of the War Memorial Nursing Home.  Even if I can't find any more about the connection, I'm grateful for another piece in my puzzle.