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1970s Hennessy Road

1970s Hennessy Road

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Hong Kong Tai-Pan : I believe this is where the Sogo department store is located now, correct? I can see the advertising sign of DaiMaru department store at the middle right of the photograph.

Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Thursday, January 1, 1970


Hi there,

The photographer was standing on the last leg of Hennessy Road, at the present day location of somewhere along the Hysan Place.   The sign of the short lived Island Hotel is visible in the photo.  It used to be located in the corner where East Point Road meets Hennessy Road/Great George Street & Yee Wo Street.

The photo also showed a very well known Chinese Restaurant, The Ruby.  That would be the Gold and Red running along the lower floors of the Hong Kong Mansion by the right.

Yes, Sogo Department Store including the new wing, would be in the middle of the photo.