Daimaru Department Store [1960-1998]

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The Daimaru Department Store opened for business on 4 November 1960 and closed down in 1998.

I remember the large Daimaru department store in Causeway Bay, with its food area in the lower section of the store.  I could be wrong, but I seem to recall a smaller branch of Daimaru on Nathan Road in Mongkok in the vicinity of the old Broadway Theater.  I also remember a Japanese store or boutique that opened in later years in a building on Nathan Road across from the Peninsula Hotel.  That store's location faced Salisbury Road.  I wonder if anyone remembers the name of this store and the branch of Daimaru in Mongkok.  If the store in Mongkok was not Daimaru, it could have been another Japanese store.  

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I could not recall if the Daimaru had ever opened a store on Kowloon side.  But they have a small stint in Queensway Plaza for a very short period of time if my memory had not been scrambled.

There had been a Japanese Department Store called Isetan in the Shareton in the mid 1970's.  They also had a branch in Aberdeen for some time.



Thanks for responding to my query about Daimaru in Mongkok.  The store I was thinking of was small in size and carried limited merchandise.  I remember seeing lots of stationery, school supplies and other Japanese products.  This was probably around the mid to late fifties.  

I recognize the name Isetan but am not sure this was the store I had in mind.  In looking at the photos on this website of  Nathan Road and the Tsim Sha Tsui area in the sixties, I think the store might have been in the arcade of the Ambassador Hotel at the corner of Nathan and Middle Road.  I do recall the open air parking lot across from the Peninsula Hotel.

It's been a long time and my memory could also be scrambled!

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The Isetan wasn't in town until sometime in 1970's.  If it was something in the 1960's, I may not be able to remember as I was too young for such with limited access to areas.