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RAF Shatin-aftermath of Typhoon Wanda-1962

RAF Shatin-aftermath of Typhoon Wanda-1962
Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Friday, June 15, 1962


Three Austers AOP.9 belonging to the 20 Independent Reconnaisance Flight of the Army Air Corps based at Tide Cove, Sha Tin were destroyed and subsequently written off during the passage of Typoon Wanda on 1 September 1962. An eyewitness account from the 656 Squadron Army Air Corps of the passage of Typhoon Wanda can be viewed here In Winged Dragon, the book notes that AOP.9 (registration WZ731) was the sole survivor of Typhoon Wanda, with the aircraft being flown to RAF Kai Tak to ride out the storm.



Interesting picture at the end of the article of the Bees River Stables Airstrip

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I presume they refer to the same place