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The seaman in white jumper beside the six pounder is my father.

Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Tuesday, March 18, 1958


Thanks for posting these photos of your father. Please do you know roughly the date when they were taken?

Regards, David

 "18-3-1958" was written on the reverse side of on of them.

reference the photograph of M.L. 3513. I was buffer on this M.L. in 1955 to 1956.. I was then sent to M.L. 3514 as the crew of 3513 was changed to local chinese. L.E.P..

the sailor in white looks like A.B. Keyt'

john fleming. 

Hello John, thanks for the extra info. Here are some more photos you might enjoy: https://gwulo.com/search/node/flotilla

Regards, David