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Tennis team.jpg

 Tennis team.jpg

My mother Peggy Bailey, (nee Flynn) is third from the left at the front. What I would like to know Modsey, is where was this taken.

I reckon this was taken in c.1948-9? I think some of the players are from Club Recrio and I know they had links with Macau as well as Hong Kong? Of course Club de Recrio is near Kings Park in Kowloon.

Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Saturday, January 1, 1949


Have seen photos of Club de Recreio from this period.  Looks likes the barren hills of King's Park in the background which makes me think that the photo was taken at Recreio. 

You may well be right Moddsey. I have a feeling this was taken at an Inter-Port competition between Macau and Hong Kong.

These Inter-Port competitions were played in numerous different sports, but I am not sure how far they date back?

They built Queen Elizabeth Hospital at the back of Club de Recrio right?

If you follow Wylie Road in this photo, where it bends right there's a rocky slope on its left, with a clear, flat area left of that.

1947 Cathay Pacific DC3 (C47A) over Kowloon
1947 Cathay Pacific DC3 (C47A) over Kowloon, by eternal1966b

They look like the background of the initial photo, and also match Moddsey's description.

Regards, David

An unofficial interport match was played at King's Park (Recreio) between Recreio and Macao on 9 and 10 October 1948. In the mixed doubles match played on 9 October, Miss P. Flynn and her partner lost to the team from Recreio. HK Sunday Herald 10 October 1948 refers. See here Scroll to Page 38

Incredible Moddsey! You are amazing! 

How can I get a copy of that China Mail entry Moddsey?