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This photo, courtesy of my parents, Dr and Mrs. Mike and Elizabeth Cooper in Victoria, British Columbia, shows the second home of Dr Edward Wilfred Kirk.  My mother "Elizabeth Joy" and her three siblings Mary, Gordon and David, and their mother Winifred Kirk née Stubbs left this home in the weeks leaving up to the invasion.  

After the arrival of the Japanese, Bob Tatz boarded here briefly, before moving to the neighbouring house of George S. Kennedy-Skipton.
I wonder when this photo was taken.  A little googling suggests that the name "E. Fouliard" would appear to match with a resident Frenchman "Émile Fouliard" who is cited on this page ( ) as being President of the local Committee of the Hong Kong Free French.  

Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Sunday, January 1, 1950


Thanks for the photos, both are the first we've seen of these buildings.

I've made a page for Emile Fouilard at

Regards, David

Mystery solved: Details provided in a call to my father.  This photo from my parents was taken in 1950 by my Uncle David Kirk who visited the old family home during his service as a medical officer in Singapore.