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Hong Kong Correspondents Club 00.jpg

Hong Kong Correspondents Club 00.jpg
Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Friday, February 1, 1963


Thanks for uploading this aerial photo. I've rotatated it so it matches up with the map you also uploaded:

Hong Kong Correspondents Club01.jpg
Hong Kong Correspondents Club01.jpg, by Gen Suzuki

We've got someĀ more photos of thisĀ building at:


Regards, David

Hi Gen Suzuki,

Any chance you noted which year the aerial photo was taken? It will be useful for identifying some of the other buildings shown.

I can see the second Tsan Yuk Hospital is shown, which dates the photo to 1955 or later.

Regards, David

Hi David,

As for the aerial photo you asked, the only figure at the  frame was "7207".

But I'm not sure whether this figure means "July, 1972". This photo was provided by

Land Departrment in Hong Kong ( in 1980s). They had a lot of areal photos and maps of old time in Hong Kong as their reference, and I asked them to see the reference on "Conduit 41" area.

At the time, their staff was very kind, she  accepted to make the reproduction of the photos and

maps I requested, but as it needed time to prepare, these were sent to my house in Japan.

Gen Suzuki  




I guess the 7207 is some sort of internal reference number, because the site had already been re-developed by 1972.

Not to worry, I'll assume it was taken in the 1960s for now, and maybe other buildings can narrow down the date over time.

Regards, David

This ariel photo is dated 01 February 1963. I have a higher resolution version but unsure whether its OK to post as these ariels are sold by the lands department on their website. Repoduction is by permission only. 

Thanks for the date, I've added that in above.

Probably ok to post small extracts or low-res copies, but best to ask permission from Lands Dept before posting full hi-res copy.

Regards, David