The Fairview, 41A Conduit Road (Former Mok Residence, later the FCC) [1911-1968] | Gwulo: Old Hong Kong

The Fairview, 41A Conduit Road (Former Mok Residence, later the FCC) [1911-1968]

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Demolished / No longer exists
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Thanks to Moddsey for identifying this as the building used as the Hospital in filming of 'Love is a many splendored-thing'.

  • 1911: A Chinese gentleman, Mr. Mok Kon Sang, built a palatial residence at 41 Conduit Road.
  • 1951: It becomes the new home of the Foreign Correspondent's Club (FCC)
  • 195?: Some time between 1950 and 1955, the site is used as the location for the hospital where Han Suyin works, in the film Love is a many splendored-thing.
  • 1960: Building bought by Cheng Hing Realty.
  • 1961: The FCC moves into new premises at Li Po Chun Chambers, though it's not clear from their website exactly when they left Conduit Rd.
  • 1966: Building bought by Court Properties.
  • 1970-72: A new building opens on the site: "Realty Gardens is a residential estate situated at 41 Conduit Road, Mid-levels, Hong Kong. It was built in two phases in 1970 & 1972 by the Harriman Group and consists of approximately 400 residential units in 5 residential towers (London Court, Paris Court, Venice Court, Rome Court & Vienna Court) above a car park podium."


Photos that show this place


Site of former Mok Residence, The Fairview, 41A Conduit Road


Site of former Mok Residence, The Fairview, 41A Conduit Road


Site of former Mok Residence, The Fairview, 41A Conduit Road

Thanks Moddsey, that was quite a building!

The 'restricted' view from Conduit Road. Taken from Fairmont Gardens next to Realty Gardens.

2008 View from Conduit Road

I wonder if there's a pavilion left from the Mok Residence, which is located at the top of Realty Gardens?  If it's ture, it should be the only remaining part of the former site, can it only be reached by the Realty Gardens' residents? or anyone can go there via the path located at the end of Po Shan Rd?

This watercolour is in the Hong Kong Museum of Art, and you can view it online.

Barbara Mok Merchant

China Mail 30 March 1961

Update and snippets of information about the Mok's residence on Conduit Road as noted here Scroll to page 5.

Built in 1924 as a family mansion. Not sure about the 1911 date. Sold to Hing Cheung Realty Company. The mansion was featured in "Love is a Many Splendored Thing" in 1956 and in a Chinese film "Velvet Glove" in 1960.

The 1911 date comes from the late Dr Dan Waters's article about the site:

Looking at the 1924 map (, the site of this building looks to be IL 1889. The sale of that lot is listed in item 3 of the PWD's Annual Report for 1911, but I haven't found any mention of when it was built on.


The mansion also briefly featured in the 1962 German film Heisser Hafen Hongkong starring Horst Frank.

On a separate note, I took the opportunity of snapping a picture from a high flat at the rear of Realty Gardens last year. You can see the remnants of the old terrace, steps and walkways that were featured in Love is a Many-Splendored Thing. I'm not sure if that's the pagoda hidden behind trees at the far right, I can't remember.

Fairview rear terrace
Fairview rear terrace, by Philk