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Rooftop Terrace, 145 Caine Road, 1920s, Hong Kong

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Rooftop Terrace, 145 Caine Road, 1920s, Hong Kong

I believe this was taken on the rooftop terrace of 145 Caine Road (formerly 73 Caine Road).  If so, what are the buildings in the background?

Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Thursday, January 1, 1920


I don't recognise the big building, but it should stand out in some of the older views from the harbour. Try some of these to see if you can find a match:

Regards, David

I've made out that the triangular roof with the two chimneys right beside the man's head is the same as the one seen in the very back of the photo in but looking down on it. (The Caine Road/Ladder Street Photo). This roof is probably that of the neighbouring house. The large building behind is perhaps Wilderness or Craigengower English School or Dinder. The house names on the 1924 map don't match up to the 1901 map with house names ( so I'm not sure of the correct ones.  My photo was taken pretty much on the line of I.L. lot 573 and 574.  I haven't been able to see the big building from the harbour views, though it should be just south of the synagogue.  It probably isn't that imposing from a distance.

From the harbour. A view of Caine Road commencing from Hop Yat Church.

1930s Harbour Central.jpg
1930s Harbour Central.