RAF Support at Kai Tak | Gwulo: Old Hong Kong

RAF Support at Kai Tak

RAF Support at Kai Tak
Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Sunday, January 1, 1950


Hello David, for some reason there are quite a few duplicates. How do you delete the duplicates?



Hi Bob,

I've deleted the duplicates. I've also sent you an email to ask for more information, as I think the duplicates are caused by a bug I'll need to fix.

Looking at this photo, do you think it could have been taken at Kai Tak rather than Shek Kong? The hills in the background look barer than Shek Kong, and also the ground looks like a concrete runway instead of the PSP shown in your Shek Kong photos.

Thanks very much for posting your photos, I'm enjoying them.

Regards, David

Yes, David, I think you are quite right about the location.

Thanks Bob. I've updated the title.