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Air Raid Shelter

Air Raid Shelter

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Probably somewhere in Wanchai. Note the pen shelters and C. E. Warren & Co. Ltd building. The Company went into liquidation in 1941.

Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Wednesday, January 1, 1941


An advertisement in the HK Telegraph dated 14 July 1937 gives the Company's Works Department at 216 Wanchai Road.

1937 C. E. Warren & Co. Ltd  Advertisement
1937 C. E. Warren & Co. Ltd Advertisement, by HKPL


Thanks for this reference to the CE Warren & Co. Works Department 1937 address, which I don't think I have. The Warren works were originally at 100-108 Wanchai Road. I don't know if the numbering of Wanchai Road had changed by 1937.  Is it possible for me to access an image of this ad? 


I reckon, the Hennessy Road Playground with basketball court and garden is the location of the pen shelter and the petrol pump fronting Hennessy Road.. From Google maps, the view from Wanchai Road is this .When seen from Hennessy Road, the view in the opposite direction can be seen here I think the location of the building in red used to house the workshops of C. E. Warren & Co. It also ties in with the Harrison Forman photo sequence where alot of photos were taken of the Eastern junction of Hennessy and Johnston Roads.

Map Wanchai Road 1957
Map Wanchai Road 1957, by Herostratus