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Photo courtesy of Siobhan Daiko.

Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Monday, January 1, 1940


The house in the photo was located at No. 36 Severn Road, the Peak.  It is at the end of Severn Rd at near the junction of Plantatation Rd.  In the 60s when I first learnt to drive, I used to reverse our car into the garage of No. 30 Severn Rd next door by that right angle bend, because it would be a long way to drive down Plantation Rd and the full distance of Severn Rd.  The house at 36 Severn Rd was the Kirkendoa which was the residence of the Deputy Gen Manager of The Chartered Bank.  It was a modern house.


According to the 1940 and 1941 jurors lists, Vernon Walker lived at 359 The Peak which was also known as Red Hill Nos 1 & 2.

Thanks Lawrence, I see now that it matches the other photos we have of Kirkendoa:

The notes say it was re-built in 1948, which explains why you remember a more modern house.

Regards, David


Lawrence, you mentioned you used to reverse around the 90' bend in Severn Road to avoid doing the whole loop the other way around. Remains of a path or driveway running towards No.30 can be seen today just around the 90' bend. Would it be the entry to your old parking space?

Severn Road
IMG_0001.JPG, by gw


Although the current building is only 66 years old, the owner, supposedly the head of Wharf Group, has secured building plan approval in September 2014 from the authority to rebuild it into a 2-storey house.

Update: house has been demolished as of 23rd march 2019

Our parking space was just before the 90 degrees right turn bend at the bottom of the footpach leading to to house. It was a garage with sliding door with space for a small car in front.