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1960s Former Royal Navy Dockyard Pillbox

1960s Former Royal Navy Dockyard Pillbox
Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Saturday, May 14, 1966


It is believed that the pillbox is of Japanese origin. See here on Page 97.

The pillbox was located at the western end of the north arm of HMS Tamar but not sure when it was actually demolished. The area where the pillbox was located was later used as a helicopter landing site as shown here 

Great shot. The area in the foreground was later to be used as the Harcourt Road Heliport.

seems it was there still in the mid-1970s, I wonder if it was knocked down to accomodate heliport when Harcourt Road heliport was demolished: see this from 1982: https://www.flickr.com/photos/13734839@N04/2400718178/in/set-72157603706949880 and this from 1980: http://www.hkmemory.hk/collections/hkplaces/AllItems/images/201107/t2011...

After the disestablishment of Harcour Road Heliport in the early 80s, I recall two helicopter landing sites were made available within the Dockyard:

(i) on the western end of the North Arm and

(ii) on the rooftop of Essex Block.

Later a heliport to the east of Harcourt Road near Fenwick Street was made available.

Rob identifies this as the British Pillbox 59 with its Lyon Lights on top.