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1960s Kennedy Town Godowns (Warehouses)

1960s Kennedy Town Godowns (Warehouses)
Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Wednesday, January 1, 1969


The three high blocks in the centre of the photograph are (right to left) Piccadilly Mansion, 6 Po Shan Road, and Po Shan Mansions, 10-16 Po Shan Road. The gap between was later filled by Hamilton Court, 8 Po Shan Road.

The photograph was taken prior to the Kotewall Road landslip (1972) and ties in with the stated completion of Hamilton Court (1974).

If you click through to Flickr, the large version of this shows the HKU main building over on the right. Then downhill in front of that there's a building at an angle to the others, that's St Louis School. So the buildings in the foreground are on Connaught Road West, somewhere near Whitty Street / Ka On Street.

Regards, David

 The tall building covered in scaffolding in the middle of the photo is Bonham Towers, discussed here http://gwulo.com/node/5791


Well spotted. I've added Bonham Towers to the list of Places shown.

Regards, David