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Yau Ma Tei Pumping Station - Still there...!

Yau Ma Tei Pumping Station - Still there...!

You can clearly see the remaining structure of the pumping station, once the engineers office and now associated with the nearby Cantonese opera held at Yau Ma Tei theatre. 

Funny to think they were going to tear it down because no one knew what the original purpose of the building was... 

There's no date given but I'd guess c.1900.

I wonder if the AMO has even seen this photo - from UK national archives...



Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Monday, January 1, 1900


This link was sent to AMO and the historian of Water Services Dept last year.  The historian from WSD was amazed by this and told me that WSD even not have other photos such as boiler room and engine room.   

Glad they have the photo now, hopefully they'll get a copy to put up in the building 

Any chance the WSD historian was able to give a date the photo was taken?

Regards, David