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Marine Police HQ with inlet in foreground

Marine Police HQ with inlet in foreground
Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Wednesday, January 1, 1890


It's a very similar view to this one:

1900s Water Police Station

First I thought they were the same, but there are differences. Any estimates for a date?

The time-ball tower was completed in 1885 and Salisbury Road commenced construction in 1895. So the postcard photo would be between these periods. So 1890 as an estimate. The Water Police Slipway off Salisbury Road was also built in 1895.

This link shows the same bay.  The Mosque on the beach was built in 1896.

The Blackhead Point Signalling Station also known as Signal Hill was built in 1895. Having seen the blown-up shot on flickr, it would suggest the date of the photo is about 1881 as work on the hill for the Marine Police Station appears to be underway.

Have no idea what the matsheds on the beach are for.

What is the building extreme left ?

 Here is a powerpoint of the various Harbour reclamations since the early days starting at slide 33