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View of HK from Kowloon

View of HK from Kowloon

There's a good hi-res version available on Flickr.

It looks as though the St George's building is being built, but just about finished.

Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Thursday, January 1, 1970


Hi I'd agree with 1970 date - you can see Grenville House being built just above St George's; the blocks were completed in 1971

The name of the the ship pictured here is ms Straat Towa (This Owl Watches Ahead) built 1957, and was in service for the Royal Interocean Lines, Java Road, North Point from 1966 till 1977. The ship sailed on a regular service between China and West-Africa during that period. The "owl" was on the bow, and has been "rescued" before she was scrapped at Gadani Beach in 1983.