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No. 1 Barker Road

No. 1 Barker Road

not sure when built or demolished, though I think it went in the past few years.  thanks to aetse

Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Friday, January 1, 1982


I used to live just below this house in Mansfield Road, and remember when this house was the German-Swiss School. 

They moved out in about 1973 to their purpose-built school in Guildford Road. 

Again, I'm just going on what I knew in school over a decade ago and that was the house further up the hill, and to the left in this picture was the US Consul's house. Although I can't recall having seen it recently, the US flag flew proudly above the house.

And this photo is for that demolished house?

I just grabbed this photo from Google Street View so you can see what is there now.

3 Barker Road

Click on the photo to see a larger image.

This photo is not the US Consul's residence.  This photo is of "1 Barker Road". 

There are three buildings in this photo:

  1. The main building in the foreground is, as Annelise says, "1 Barker Road"
  2. Above that we can see the corner of a platform, with a curved building on it. That may be part of 3 Barker Road, the US Consul General's House.
  3. Then in the distance on the skyline is a much smaller building with a curved balcony.

I'll change the title of this photo from "No. 3 Barker Road/Former U.S. Consul General's House" to "No. 1 Barker Road".

This photo in which Farnborough, 1 Barker Road, is the main subject, also has  "Normandie", 22 Severn Road, ( at the top.