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Residence of the USA Consul-General [????- ]


The American Consul General in Hong Kong reported on December 20 at midnight that his residence had been practically destroyed and that he was moving into the consular office.

After the war, in 1949, the USA bought "Fairyland" at 3 Barker Rd, and the Consul General's residence move up to the Peak.  The lot, which included Garden Lot 24, and RBL 70, became RBL 552

The site was redevloped in 1987.

Photos that show this place



looks like still owned by US consulate; there was a court case when they wanted to knock down the building. You can read it here:

I heard that a recent US Consul thought Barker Rd was too far away, and so he decided to live in Mid-levels.  Now that's the way a local thinks :)


Date of occupations 1987 click here