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1961 Central banks decorated for Princess Alexandra's visit

1961 Central banks decorated for Princess Alexandra's visit
Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Friday, December 1, 1961


I'm prettty sure this is the visit of Princess Alexandra in 1961 (Nov-Dec).

I found a Pathe video confirming the arches in the foreground were put up for her visit. See 0:29 in:


Any chance the decorations stayed up til Christmas? I'm thinking of how the modern Christmas light decorations stay up and morph into Chinese New Year decorations.

Regards, David

PS The other videos from the visit are also good to see:




I would have thought they would have put up Xmas decorations at the end of the month, and their famous "Happy Christmas etc", on top of the bank?

One question I have is the Bamboo Arch (I forget the name).
In the visit, the Royal party drive under it - pointing at the HSBC.
In this image the arch has been turned 90 degrees - so it could have been later in the month.

I took a look through the photos and see what you mean - christmas trees & Merry Christmas were their standard design, eg:




I've updated the title,

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Just had a quick glance at the HKPL website. The bamboo archway was removed and Statue Square reverted to being a car park in  December  1961.

I've seen some pictures of Prince Phillip's visit in 1959, and they put up the same banners, and the same bamboo archway.
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Still a bit more work to do to get adding photos into text working, but I hope to have it finished this week. In the meantime we can still provide a link to the photo, eg The bamboo arch in 1959: http://gwulo.com/atom/19657

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