Swimming at Castle Peak | Gwulo: Old Hong Kong

Swimming at Castle Peak

Swimming at Castle Peak

Sharing the lilo with my Dad...11 and half mile beach Castle peak.

Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Sunday, July 1, 1962


Hi Mike,

Do you remember any other name for the beach? A map from the 70s shows these beaches between Milstones 11 & 12:

  • Ting Kau
  • Lido
  • Casam
  • Hoi Mei
Regards, David

I think this or one of the others named was also called Coffee Beach. Lots of big,creamy-coloured jelly fish with long trailing tentacles and a first aid tent there always manned to daub 'cream' on  painful whiplash stings.



Let me write down the list while we're talking about them. I'm using "Hong Kong Streets & Place. Volume 2, Kowloon & The New Territories", reprinted in 1979.

Heading from Tsuen Wan towards Tuen Mun we have:






<no beaches marked>


"MS" refers to the Milestone.

Could Cafeteria Beach and Coffee Beach be the same?

Regards, David

Cafiteria Beach at 18MS was Coffee Beach in Chinese (Ga Fair Wan).  We lived at Dunrose at 18.5MS 1950-53.


Thanks Lawrence.

I've made Places for the beaches listed above. Does anyone have any photos of them to show us?

Regards, David