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1950s Hong Kong

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1950s Hong Kong

Any idea on the location. The tram and the car nearby seems the same location.

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Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Sunday, January 1, 1950


Is that the cricket pitch in the background behind the railings?

Regards, David

David I think it is the old HKCC ground. If you look at photographs of the old China Bank HQ building from the cricket ground you appear to see similar simple railings (on the bank side) to the one shown in the subject photograph. The curvature of the road seems to fit exactly with De Voeux Road Central opposite Jackson Road.



Rickshaw Puller
Yes, Ian, I think you got it right.   This pic from 1953/54 was taken on the curve o/s the China Bank showing the cricket ground and railings.


The rear car ending 90, has a garland on the bonnet. At the guess they may have been attending a wedding at the old City Hall Building which was where the Bank of China Building is now located.

Update: The Marriage Registry was located at the former Supreme Court Building.