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Wedding of Ron Brooks and Helene Caudron, 1939

Wedding of Ron Brooks and Helene Caudron, 1939

The wedding of Ron (Roland) Brooks and Helene Caudron took place on 22nd November 1939 at the Church of the Holy Rosary, Kowloon. The bridesmaid on the left of Ron Brooks is his sister, Doris Brooks, and on the right of Helene is her older sister, Henriette Caudron.  The flower girl is her younger sister, Jacqueline. At the back, behind Ron, can be seen Maurice Kleber Caudron, the father of Helene, and in the right corner is her mother, Marcelle Caudron.  

The groomsmen on either side are friends of Ron (does anyone recognize who they are?)  

Within months of their wedding, just after a honeymoon to Australia and New Zealand, war broke out, and Ron put Helene on the evacuation ship to Sydney. On Christmas Day 1941 Ron was captured by the Japanese and interned, with his sister Doris, and mother Emily, in Stanley Internment Camp. Helene and Ron did not see each other again for five years, when in 1945 the allies rescued the internees and Ron went to Sydney on recuperation leave.  


Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Wednesday, November 22, 1939


The HK Daily Press of 23 November 1939 covered the event.

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Yes they did.  I have the cutting from the newspaper.  I will get is scanned and put it on the site. They also mentiond the engagement!

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