Demise of Belilios Camel - China Mail p2 1897-07-24 | Gwulo: Old Hong Kong

Demise of Belilios Camel - China Mail p2 1897-07-24

Demise of Belilios Camel - China Mail p2 1897-07-24

Many a youngster in the Colony will learn with sincere regret of the death of the dromedary which has been one of the feature of social life at the Peak for several years.  The dromedary belonged to the Hon. E. R. Belilos, and was a great favourite with the youngsters attending the garden parties at the Eyrie.  Last night, the dromedary was turned loose to graze in the little valley between Mountain Lodge and the Eyrie, and it is supposed that the mafoos watching some ponies in the same valley drove the dromedary off and chased it over the embankment at Mountain Lodge, causing it to fall over the steep declivity on the Pokfulam side and kill itself.  The police have been communicated with, and detectives are making enquiries with a view to the apprehension of the parties responsible for the death of the favourite.  Anyone in a position to give information should communicate with Mr. Belilios.  The dromedary was brought from Peking in 1888.

Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Saturday, July 24, 1897


Thanks Annelise. I was beginning to think this was an urban legend, so it's great to have it confirmed.

Regards, David