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Unknown building - kowloon?

Unknown building - kowloon?

Looks like Kowloon. Any idea about the exact location and these buildings?



Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Sunday, January 1, 1905


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It was the Lion Rock in the background alright.  I wonder if the buildings were in one of the older Ma Tau Wai photos, from another angle.

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Hi HF and T,

This building closer to the camera on the hill looks rather like the church marked as building D in the Ma Tau Wai photo (http://gwulo.com/node/10220).  But this photo shows another taller building a little further up the same hill.  Looking at the c.1910 Ma Tau Wai photo for comparison, perhaps that is building C, which David thinks was the Victoria Girls' School. 

The photographer was likely standing on the field south of the hill, which on the Ma Tau Wai map would be close the river bank of Ma Tau Chung, on its way out to the sea past Sacred Hill.


Any idea about the possible year of this photo?



I've added in the Places. If they're right, this photo should be 1905 or later.

Regards, David

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