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HK vintage photo with tramcar

HK vintage photo with tramcar

An earlier photo with double deck tram, an old style street hydrant and LegCo building can been seen on the right.

Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Wednesday, January 1, 1947


It's clearly after 1935, because the HSBC (1935) and the temporary offices in Statue Square (October 1941-53) are there, but the 1950's Bank of China isn't there,
Not sure about the car to the right of the tram, looks like an American car of the  1940s rather than 1930's.
(The closest I can find is the 1941-49 Mercury, which has a low grill, with straight sides, and a bulge in the bonnet, but it's a guess)

So i'd say either October-December 1941, or 1945 -50.

I'd vote for post-war too. In the bottom-right corner there is what looks like a tricycle-taxi. They were common for a while after WW2.

Regards, David

I would say post-war WWII as well. The Harrison Forman photos of late 1941 show that the arches of the Supreme Court were half covered with blast-proof bricked protection walls. The Hedda Morrison photos of the Cricket Club in 1946 show that there was a pillbox or bunker at the western end of the Cricket Club. My guess would be late 1940s before the Bank of China building was erected.

I've changed the date from 1930 to 1947.