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Queen Elizabeth II Hospital

Queen Elizabeth II Hospital
Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Saturday, June 1, 1963


The grainy photo from the South China Morning Post was in the 6/9/63 edition reporting on the opening ceremony.  The other three are from the guest brochure fro the ceremony, I include the cost of the project for fun.  The building behind and to the west of QE was for senior staff in the hospital.  It was some years older than QE and was having a refit (image a bit fuzzy due to the scaffolding, I well remember the bamboo out side our windows on the 13th floor, tempted to try climbing down but no....

From the completion of the foundations, the hospital just shy of 1,000,000 sq ft was completed in less than two years.


The building behind and to the west of the hospital to which you refer is, I think, 'Cliffside' which was 13 stories high and was built around 1963-1965. Are you Dick Holloway's son? 

Yes, although the Hollway doesn't have the second 'o'. Who are you?

I'm Vaughan Phillips. We have met once when much younger. My father Brian was your father's friend. Brian passed away in 1995. We lived in Cliffside from 1965 to 1968 - happy times. I said Cliffside had 13 floors but now think it was 12 due to superstition on the part of the builders. It is also much larger (wider) than I remember. Cliffside was replaced by 'The Regalia' tower blocks in the mid-90s and the four Kings Park Rise blocks (which were built in 1951 I believe) had a similar fate.I found this website by chance only a few days ago as I was looking for photos of Cliffside and Kowloon Hospital. We lived in house no. 1 near Kowloon Hospital from about 1961-1963 where I met you when you visited and I remember seeing everything on top of the hill being razed to the ground in 1968 to make way for the new buildings. Kowloon Hospital was built in 1925 I think. Of course, I would not recognise much of HK now. Probably just the Star Ferry! 

I remember you and your family fondly and well. My email address is

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I look forward to hearing from you.