Queen Elizabeth Hospital [1963- ]

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The completion date comes from the Hospital's website, which says: "Queen Elizabeth Hospital (QEH) started its service 1963 ..."


Photos that show this Place


The grainy photo from the South China Morning Post was in the 6/9/63 edition reporting on the opening ceremony.  The other three are from the guest brochure fro the ceremony, I include the cost of the project for fun.  The building behind and to the west of QE was for senior staff in the hospital.  It was some years older than QE and was having a refit (image a bit fuzzy due to the scaffolding, I well remember the bamboo out side our windows on the 13th floor, tempted to try climbing down but no....

From the completion of the foundations, the hospital just shy of 1,000,000 sq ft was completed in less than two years.