2-storey building on southwest slope of King's Park [????- ] | Gwulo: Old Hong Kong

2-storey building on southwest slope of King's Park [????- ]

Notes from Richard Wong:

It was used as the dormitory accommodating 25 students of Rural Training College which merged into Grantham College Education in 1955. In the Rural Training College’s eight-year history, its Chinese name changed three times (in 1946, 1949 and 1950) and its campus moved three times. The first campus was located in the Governor’s villa (Fanling Lodge) in Sheung Shui (1946-48), it was later moved to a former “Home for Children” in Fanling (1948-49), and finally re-located to Cheung Yuen (rebuilt into New Complex of Miu Fat Buddhist Monastery) in Ping Shan (1949-1954). In September 1953, as the tenancy of Cheung Yuen was expiring in 1954 and it was difficult to build a new campus for the Rural Training College, 25 students of the eighth intake of the College moved to the Grantham Training College to attend classes and completed their one-year teacher training.Hence, students of the seventh and eighth intake graduated in July of the same year.

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