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Stanley Military Cemetery - 1945 Air Raid Victims

Stanley Military Cemetery - 1945 Air Raid Victims
Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Monday, January 1, 1990


Being 16th January 1945 perhaps these unfortunate souls were the victims of a US air raid  ?

You can read a couple of accounts of that day's events in the wartime diaries for 16th Jan 1945.

Regards, David

There are numerous accounts of the actual air raid in which these unfortunate souls were killed, and you don't need me to list them all here! Suffice it to say that one of the best which I have read is the one contained in "Prisoner of the Turnipheads" by George Wright-Nooth. 

On a slightly more personal note, many years ago I escorted a former internee around the camp, by the name of Bill Bethell. Bill had entered the camp at the age of about 13 with his mother, step-father and sister.

Bill told me that his step-father was friendly with Stopani-Thomson, one of those killed in the raid, whom his step-father used to refer to as "Stop Me And Buy One."

Brits of a certain age group, (or if you are too young to remember the ice cream sellers with their bicycles, students of social history), will not need to be told the meaning of this expression!