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Taikoo House on the Peak

Taikoo House on the Peak

I am doing research about the Taikoo Sugar Refinery and recently returned from London where I researched originaln Swire documents at SOAS archives and at Swire House.  This is a photo of the Taikoo House on the Peak that was constructed in 1890.  According to the records I saw, the land was located at "Peak Sec A of RB lot 7, Sub-Sec 1 of Sec A of RB 18, and was 47,174 sq ft.  The Swires secured at 75 year lease from the crown for this land in 1882 and 1888 at a cost of  $8,500.00.  The house was built in 1890.  I am unclear of th exact date of the photograph.



It might be this building:


Regards, David

Clearly shown on this map:


Can "admin" please add Tak Koo Peak House to the "places" on this map and this photo in "images"?  Thanks.

can't tell you the date of this photo,
but this one https://gwulo.com/atom/24957
 was taken by Warren Swire during his second visit to Hong Kong, 1911-12.


Dear Jennifer, until 18 November 2019, we found 24 groups of abandoned Taikoo Ropeway concrete bases in the valley of Quarry Gap. Do you have any documents found in UK which in connection with Taikoo Ropeway´╝č Hope to share any new foundings. We had visited all concrete bases together with the staff of Taikoo Archive since 23 June 2019. To share informations, please WhatsApp me on 94714646 or email policehistory1841@gmail.com. Thanks.