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1955? Argyle-Prince Edward

1955? Argyle-Prince Edward

I would guess this photo was taken sometime between the 1950 one and the colour one.

Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Saturday, January 1, 1955


The picture is full of memories. Starting on the left, Kowloon City Police Station accommodation block at 90 degrees to the road. I lived in Flat 3 at this time, the flats are out of sight. The Station was a 2 story building out of sight parallel with the road. KGV School is below the LHS horizon.  Below that it the hill which was being quaried for granite and had a scrp vehicle yard and was a former chinese graveyard. The "Block" to the LHS of the Police block is a granite wall facing a cutting at the bottom of which was an Army Barracks and a Market garden which bordered Argyle Street. There is the hill separating KGV from Argyle Stree and a block of service flats on the LHS of Argyle Street.  Nest is a row of nissan huts of the barracks and above on the sky line one of the hospital blocks of Kowloon General Hospital.In the foreground is a water storage tank on the lawn in front of the bus. The 3 or 4 story building on the LHS of Prince Edward Road was a private hospital, where my friend Simeon had his appendix taken out.The building at the bottom right edge of the photo was a pre war building with the pavement under the first floor.  My barbers was there. On the horizon on the LHS of Prince Edward Road you can see Kadoorie Avenue , opposite St Theresa's Church on the RHS. The Peak is in the distance on the LHS horizon.

Thanks for sharing these memories of the area. If you visit https://gwulo.com/atom/19463 and scroll down, there are some close-ups of the buildings you've described.