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On Lan Street Central

On Lan Street Central

HKG 1960s Mike's photos



Henry Ching writes:

I think this is On Lan Street in Central looking west towards the old South China Morning Post building.

Henry, I was on Kowloon side when living there.Wandering around taking photos one day.The Chinese communist flags are out as they were in my shot of Mody Rd so its somewhere in that area...maybe Minden Ave.

Regards Mike

Hi Mike,

I think the date should be 1970, because the communist banner says it was celebrating the 21st anniversary of the people's republic.  Since they started off in 1949 that would make this photo 1970.


Hi there,

Spotted this in the photo right in front.  Don't know if it is of the same company on 3-4 Glenealy in Central.

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Thanks I will have to update my captions on my slides.

Regards mike

Hi there,

The vehicles in the photo also prompted the period.  The Alfa Romeo and the Mercedes didn't look like that old to me.

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I tend to agree with Henry. Looks like the former SCMP Building with the columns on Wyndham St. Plus there were a lot of lace and embroidery shops in the area.

I found addresses for a couple of the companies shown in the photo:

Regards, David

Peter Trading Company were

at 15 On Lan Street 1946-1972 and moved to 41 Hollywood Road 1972-2005 when it ceased busniess after my mother's death.

Not the same owner any more

the old shop at 17 On Lan Street belonged to Chang Kun Sang who purchased 15-19 On Lan Street in early 1970s and redeveloped it to Chung On Building. He gave his good will to his employee who continued the embrodery busness at Glenealy up to today

Yes you are right Henry

My father set up my Grandfather's Branch ( Chung Hing Hong of Peiping now Beijing) here in Hong Kong at 15 On lan Street in 1946 until the old building was bought by the next door owner and demolished in 1972.

Very nostalgic to see these pix though I have a lot of much older pix in my family album. 

It's a shame that those buildings with the rounded balconies on the photo's far left (On Lan St. x Zetland St.) were demolished about 2 years ago.  They were probably the last remaining (and elegant) residential walk-ups in that part of Central.

This is a 1946 pic of my mum and my eldest sister at 15 On Lan Street


photo taken around same time, same street here: