Typhoon | Gwulo: Old Hong Kong



This is an image from a negative.  I think it is the aftermath of a typhoon probably somewhere in Victoria Barracks circa 1954.


Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Friday, January 1, 1954


Hi Pauline,

Glad to see you have more photos to share. I wonder if it could be Stonecutters Island, given the radio mast and the low skyline in the background?

Regards, David

Hi David,

Yes there are still a few more photos to come. Stonecutters as a location for this one is interesting,  I wonder what my husband would have been doing there.  There is another one almost certainly taken on the same day so I'll post that now as it may give you more clues.  Unfortunately neither the negatives or the prints that I have state where or when they were taken but I think it must have been 1954.

Regards,  Pauline.

The aerial mast is similar to the one as seen here I think the building in the photo is the HQLF. So i guess this is Victoria Barracks.

Hi again Moddsey,

Yes, I thought this photo must have been taken in Victoria Barracks and I see what you mean about the mast in another of my husband's photos.  This means that the photo here, of the typoon damage, was taken very close to the nissen hut where my husband was billeted,   just in front of HQLF.

Thanks for your help.