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Can somebody confirm if circled area is Hong Kong University?

Can somebody confirm if circled area is Hong Kong University?

I've been searching the web for past 6 hours and couldn't confirm if the circled area is actually HKU.

I guess it is, but is there anybody who has better image or evidence for that?


Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Friday, January 1, 1971


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I believe it wasa bit too hiigh up in the hills.  I am uncertail.  Maybe the University Lodge?

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I think 'T' is right. It is too high to have anything to do with HKU. My first thought was that it must be on Po Shan Road. But on further study it looks as though it is something at the top of the future Realty Gardens site, then under construction at 41 Conduit Road.The block to the left is I think Rocky Mount (2nd generation) at 39 Conduit Road. The slope under the mystery structure looks as though it is being developed

It is known that the pagoda which was featured in 'Love is a Many Splendored Thing' was rebuilt at a higher level. It may be that, but it looks too big?

I am also puzzled by the block to the right of the mystery structure?


I agree it's higher up than HKU.

I don't know that area well enough to name the building, but this sequence of views from the harbour may help pin it down:

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David, the mystery building also appears on the first of your views. Which I think disproves my theory about the Realty Gardens pagoda.

I now think my initial view that it was in Po Shan Road is correct. I believe the mystery building is 24 Po Shan Road. It has just been demolished in the last year, and the site is now being redeveloped. The block to the right is the end of Po Shan Mansions, 10-12 Po Shan Road.

So to answer the question: the circled building has nothing to do with HKU, being too high up the hill and about 1/2 km too far east.

Any other views?



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Actually, the Morrison Hall was up at Hatton Roa. However it closed down in 1968.  That was the HKU structure even higher than the present day University Lodge.  The hall still exist in early 1970's being used as some sort of youth hostel before being redeveloped.

I don't think that section of Hatton Road is visible in the photo though. 

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Please could you set the main photo back to the original one you uploaded? Otherwise the comments above don't make sense with the new photo.

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If you look at the Morrison Hall web site, the first picture is of the original MH at Hatton Road. The bottom right hand corner of this picture shows a stone boundary wall with a circular capping stone. There is still a stretch of this wall at the lower end of Hatton Road on the left hand side going up. It is now incorporated into Wisdom Court at 5 Hatton Road.

The old Morrison Hall was only about 50 yards above University Lodge.

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I had been to the Hall a few times when it was being used as a youth hostel.  Moderate rooms with very high ceiling.  Arches in hallways, very pleasent. Back in those days you do not need air conditioning.

I remember the Hall had a swimming pool on the harbour side, and a playground at the back.  The main building sat in between.

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Although regrettably the current photograph attached to this stream is not the original one with the red circle, continuing the discussion on HKU buildings at mid-levels, I have just recently come across reference to 'Our Lady's Hall'.

OLH was located at 8 Po Shan Road and was opened on the 29th August 1939 as a HKU womens Hall of Residence. The orginal house on this site was adapted and enlarged to accommodate 25 women students.

It was probably demolished in the 1960s as the next generational building on this site, Hamilton Court, is noted as being built in 1970. I lived In HC between 1983 and 1987.

Main sources: a recent history entitled 'A History of The University of Hong Kong, Volume 1, 1911-1945' by Peter Cunich.