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1938 Peak School staff & students

1938 Peak School staff & students

Photo courtesy of Elizabeth Ride:

We're wearing our winter uniform, so I believe this was taken at the end of term in 1938, just before Christmas. It's taken on the small patch of grass just below the school.

I've annotated the people, and added in the names that are known, as well as any guesses. If you can recognise anyone, please could you let us know in the comments below?

ID Person Identified by
1g David Bottomley Marjorie Bottomley

Jennifer Ann Collis (Philip Cracknell says the name should be Judith Ann Collis)

Patricia Penn
3b Marjorie Bottomley (married name Bray) Elizabeth Ride, Marjorie Bottomley
3c Vera Black (according to Marjorie Bottomley), or Elizabeth Fleming (according to Patricia Penn)  
4d Vivian Ralston Elizabeth Ride, Marjorie Bottomley
4e Miss Swift (m. Leiper?) Elizabeth Ride
4f Miss Bicheno Elizabeth Ride
4g Miss Newsholme Elizabeth Ride
4h Miss Tulloch (pronounced Tull-o) Elizabeth Ride
4i Miss Green Elizabeth Ride
4k Marian Fleming Patricia Penn
5b Jan Dibley Marjorie Bottomley
5c Angela Owen Marjorie Bottomley
5i John Cherry Marjorie Bottomley
6c Tony Hodges Marjorie Bottomley
7b Nan Dibley Marjorie Bottomley
7c Jennifer Butter? Patricia Penn
7f Sylvia Franklin? Sylvia Franklin
7g Dorothy Ride (Sr. Margaret Mary) Elizabeth Ride
7h Judy Rowell? Marjorie Bottomley
7i Anne Hunter Marjorie Bottomley
7j Sue Dibley Marjorie Bottomley
8a Elizabeth Ride Elizabeth Ride
8b Elizabeth Black Marjorie Bottomley
8c (Elizabeth Ride thought this may be Sylvia Franklin, but Sylvia says it isn't)  
8d Prue Dibley Marjorie Bottomley
8f Patricia Penn Elizabeth Ride
8g Edwin Ride Elizabeth Ride

Regards, David

The original document is part of the Elizabeth Ride Collection, now housed in The Hong Kong Heritage Project (HKHP) Archive. For more information on this collection, please contact HKHP via their website: https://www.hongkongheritage.org/html/eng/index.html#/contact/ 

Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Thursday, December 1, 1938


Elizabeth Ride writes:

Peak School - c. Nov/Dec 1938.

3b     Marjorie Bottomly (married name Bray)

4d     Vivian Ralston?

4e     Miss Swift (m. Leiper?)

4f     Miss Bicheno

4g     Miss Newsholme

4h     Miss Tulloch (pronounced Tull-o)

4i     Miss Green

7g     Dorothy Ride (Sr. Margaret Mary)

8a     Elizabeth Ride

8c     Silvia Franklin?

8f     Patricia Penn

8g     Edwin Ride

Possible sisters:  7a & 7b;  8d, 7j, & 5b?

All these names (except the Rides) are open to correction

I've heard from Sylvia Franklin, via her sister Joan. She says that 8c definitely isn't her. 7f might be Sylvia, though she isn't 100% sure.

Regards, David


Mum (Marjorie) is correctly identified as 3b by Elizabeth Ride, Uncle Dave (David Bottomley) is 1g and Mum thinks the sisters (that Elizabeth noted) were 5b, 7b, 7j & 8d. They are the Dibleys & their names were Jan, Nan, Sue, Prue and Hugh. Can't identify the brother though. 5c is Angela Owen, 5i is John Cherry, 6c is Tony Hodges, Anne Hunter is 7i and her twin Jean is somewhere too (she was dark haired), 3c is Vera Black and 8b is Elizabeth Black. Mum also agrees with Patricia Penn, the Rides and Vivian Ralston who Elizabeth identified. There was another boy called John Sherry.

I've just looked at the picture again and I think that 7h may be Judy Rowell.

 We would all love to hear more from anyone else who remembers people in this photo

Thanks Jenny, and please pass on our thanks to your mum. I've merged these names with Elizabeth's list, and added them under the photo above. Hopefully we'll hear from some other Peak School alumni who can add to the list.

Regards, David

Elizabeth Ride writes:

Thanks for your Peak School update.  Some time ago I had a few more names from (I think) Patricia Penn:  

2f - Jennifer Ann Collis

3c - Elizabeth Fleming (Marjorie says Vera Black)

4k - Marian Fleming

7c - Jennifer Butter (?)

Jennifer Ann Collis should read Judith Ann Collis.