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Hunchbacks and Ma On Shan

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Hunchbacks and Ma On Shan

I expect you will recognize this one, another from the Ma On Shan page.

Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Saturday, July 17, 1954


Hi Pauline - that saddle shaped mountain in the background is Ma On Shan itself ("Ma On" means "saddle", I believe). Judging from the angle, it's quite possible this was taken from Lok Lo Ha village - the place mentioned by David underneath your previous ferry photo. It was where the ferry left from.

I was expecting Quasimodo for a minute...

Thank you philk I am learning more and more about Hong Kong from the kind comments left about Roy's photos by people like yourself,  and I am enjoying it so much. 

I have another photo of the Hunchbacks to post later on just to worry you even more  ...


Hi Pauline

Ma On Shan 2011

Here is a similar angle (but actually quite a bit further south from Lok Lo Ha) taken by me last year. The sea has been completely reclaimed to just a small narrow "river" channel now, and you can see some of the development that has occurred, but the mountain is still the same (thankfully).


Hi Phil,

Lovely photo, and a very distinctive skyline, or so it seems to me.  I see what you mean about land reclamation and the development,  and I agree with you about giving thanks that the mountain remains the same,  long may it be so!