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1961 Doug Brentlinger's photos

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1961 Doug Brentlinger's photos


Hi Doug,

Please could you let us know if all these photos were taken during your 1961 visit, or if you also took some on later vsits?

One reader noticed that in this photo the then-new City Hall building looks complete. It wasn't opened until 1962, so he wondered if this photo was taken later than 1961, or if the building stood finished for some time before its offical opening.

Thanks & regards, David

In the photo, the Phase 2 re-development of Union Building (completion date 1962) can also be seen as shown in http://gwulo.com/node/5793

Note what looks like three HKRNVR Ham class minesweepers in formation on the left hand side.  British carrier outboard at Tamar (likely Albion, Bulwark or Centaur). Likely British Weapon class radar picket destroyer inboard.